Monday, August 2, 2010

Life is precious

Uncle, you rest well all the way

This morning, have been very happy to find a friend to go out
But I heard her father passed away
Sudden burst of feeling sad,
Do not know what to say at this time
From 15-year-old has been going to this friend's home,
uncle told us that every time you all look so beautiful, do not go to such a late time is very dangerous
We laugh, and do not listen to him
uncle loved her very much and gave her all the best
Now he leaving her and her mother
When your parents are still around you, please cherish the day with their relationship
Parents gave us life, to accompany us
Of course, we should also holding their hands
Coax them happy to accompany them to their last breath

People always wait until after the loss of important people around them
People always wait until the most pro-people gone, only to find why there is no good to accompany them before
However, it was too late
Life does not start over

Life is really very fragile, very easy to lose a life if you are not careful
Alive, when you are still healthy
Please cherish all the people around
Life will not be over again

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